About Us

Who is Erika Olson?

CookieLove, one of the best cookie shops in California, was established in 2014, with the shop opening in 2015 by Erika Olson. Erika, a cookie lover by both nature and nurture, spent almost two decades working in corporate America while traveling the globe up to 75% of her time. Tired of living out of a suitcase and wanting to feel anchored in her community she had an epiphany while walking the streets of San Francisco with a home baked cookie in hand; Why not open her own gourmet cookie shop!

From that moment, Erika decided to take her business and brand-building experience, affinity for working with people, desire to exist in one time zone, and steer her career in a new direction. With a passion for creating and baking gourmet cookies, paired with the desire to open a business in SF, CookieLove – a mecca for handcrafted original cookies –  was born.

Her favorite cookies? Ginger spice and milk chocolate blueberry.

Her favorite baking memory? Sitting on the kitchen counter as a kid, waiting in anticipation for her mom to finish mixing chocolate chip cookie dough. Once done, her mom would pop off the beaters and they would race to see who could lick theirs the cleanest.

Delivered fresh from our ovens to your door.